March 5th, 2024 Endorsements

U.S. Senate

Congresswoman Barbara Lee

Congressional District 11 (San Francisco)

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Congressional District 15 (San Francisco / San Mateo County)

Congressman Kevin Mullin

Senate District 11

No endorsement

Assembly District 17

Assemblymember Matt Haney

Assembly District 19

No endorsement

San Francisco Propositions

Prop A ($300 Million Housing Bond): Yes

Prop B (Police Officer Staffing Levels Conditioned on Amending Existing or Future Tax Funding): No position

Prop C (Real Estate Transfer Tax Exemption and Office Space Allocation):No

Prop D (Changes to Local Ethics Laws): Yes

Prop E (Expansion of Police Powers):No

Prop F (Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients): No

Prop G (8th grade Algebra): No


SF Democratic Party Endorsements Assembly District 17

Sal Rosselli

Vick Chung

Anita Martinez

Jane Kim

Gloria Berry

Sydney Simpson

Kristin Hardy

SF Democratic Party Endorsements, Assembly District 19

Sandra Lee Fewer

Mano Raju

Natalie Gee

Frances Hsieh

Hene Kelly

Gordon Mar

Queena Chen

Greg Hardeman

SF Superior Court Seat 1

Judge Michael Isaku Begert

SF Superior Court Seat 13

Judge Patrick S. Thompson

Stockton City Council 4

Mario Enriquez

Assembly District 13

Rhodesia Ransom