Mission Statement

“Working To Empower the Latinx Community”


The goals and objectives of the San Francisco Latinx Democratic Club (SFLDC)are to promote and encourage Latinx candidates, to empower the Latinx community in areas of Immigration and Social Justice Issues such as Economic Development for Latinx Jobs and Businesses, for Quality of Life Issues relative to violence prevention, youth and education. In addition, support other candidates that will advocate and promote issues and legislation that further the SFLDC Agenda. To actively motivate Latinxs to understand the issues, vote, and get involved through advocacy.

We Believe

The San Francisco Latinx Democratic Club shall work within the Democratic Party and to the community at large to bring to the forefront of political campaigns Latino issues, California’s largest ethnic minority.

SFLDC shall participate primarily in organizing San Francisco’s Latinx Community into a political force which will lobby and demand active recognition and support of the Latinx’s needs and culture.

SFLDC seeks to embody and give voice to the needs and priorities of Latinxs living,working and owning businesses in the City and County of San Francisco which reflect the interests and needs of all the American people. We are committed to helping the poor and disadvantaged, protecting the most vulnerable among us, and ensuring that all Latinxs are given meaningful opportunities in our city. This commitment is fulfilled by promoting the reduction of the rising rates of poverty; increasing access to education for all; insuring that there is a level playing for minority businesses to compete in the public sector; insuring that there are sustainable economies to participate in; pressing for increased access to health care; fair treatment of immigrants and ending the displacement of working class Latino families from traditionally Latinx neighborhoods.

SFLDC’s goals emphasize a pragmatic outlook toward leadership development that require learning political skills via hands-on political campaigns. By effective fundraising, effective precinct operations, voter registration, proper utilization of the mass & social media and voter turn out, to influence and gain political power to be heard.