SFLDC General Body Meeting – Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The SFLDC will hold it’s General Body meeting on Wednesday, August 20 at 518 Valencia Street.

begins at at 6:00 pm

Meeting starts at 6:30 pm

I. Sign-in and Refreshments 6:00 pm  
II. Alex Nieto Family 6:30 pm  
III. Precinct Captains for Campos    
IV. United Educators of San Francisco    
V. By-Laws Discussion    
VI. Ballot and Voting Process 7:00 pm  
VII. College Board, School Board, Ballot Measures 7:55 pm  
VIII. Adjourn - Voting Closes After Last Presentation 8:30 pm*  
IX. Dinner and Ballot Counting @Puerto Alegre (546 Valencia) 9:00 pm  
  *Approximate time