San Francisco Latinx Democratic Club Opposition to ‘Killer Robot’ Policy

The Board of Supervisors voted to give SFPD another tool for harming our community

San Francisco, CA — The San Francisco Latinx Democratic Club strongly condemns the Board of Supervisors 8–3 approval to allow the use of killer robots or any other military style weapons as yet another use of force for the San Francisco Police Department. We commend the 3 Supervisors who had the courage and integrity to vote against this policy that will allow SFPD to have yet another weapon to terrorize communities of color with no oversight or accountability. There are no robots, drones, or AI weapons that create community safety. The willingness of the city to invest in deadly tech before it invests in communities shows us once again what elected officials prioritize.

The Latino/x community is among those that are targeted at the highest rates with state sanctioned violence, and make no mistake — this policy will harm the Latino community. Instead of pushing for more accountability and oversight within the department, the Board of Supervisors just approved yet another tool in a vastly overfunded and militarized police department, following the expansion of police surveillance powers the Board voted 7–4 for in September.This is the same police department that just a few years ago, was under Department of Justice investigation for misuse of police force against our communities.

We are calling on the Board of Supervisors to undo this dangerous precedent that will have irreparable impacts to our community safety and wellbeing.


San Francisco Latinx Democratic Club