RALLY, May 16 @ 12:30 PM: Support the Reappointment of Police Commissioner Petra Dejesus

On Tuesday, May 16, 2016 at 12:30 PM across the street from the Polk Street side of City Hall, the San Francisco Latino Democratic Club along with the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club and the Latin@ Young Democrats of San Francisco and the will hold a rally and press conference to show support for the reappointment of Petra Dejesus to the San Francisco Police Commission.

As a Commissioner, Petra has made significant contributions to the San Francisco Police Department (S.F.P.D.) during her tenure. Specifically, she has:

worked with the Department of Justice to reform the S.F.P.D. with regards to Racial Profiling, Bias, and Use of Force;

participated in the hiring of the new Chief of Police, William Scott;

Chief Scott, alongside DeJesus, are responsible for the implementation of reform recommendations made by the D.O.J. Among these recommendations include body-worn cameras for all officers, creating time and distance, and shifting the focus to preserving life;

DeJesus opposes the further arming and militarization of SFPD.

At a time when public trust in the police department is critically low - especially following the recent racist text scandal and the shooting deaths of Jessica Williams, Mario Woods, Alex Nieto and Luis Gongora Pat - our city needs a commissioner with impeccable judgment who exhibits a complete understanding of 21st Century Policing to rebuild that trust. Petra Dejesus has proven to be that person.

Location: Across the street from the Polk Street side of City Hall

Time: 12:30 PM PT


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