In lieu of the San Francisco Latino Democratic Club's General Membership Meeting, LDC will convene at the DCCC meeting. 

*This is a qualifying event and will count towards “good standing” status*

WHERE: Milton Marks Auditorium of the State Office Building, 455 Golden Gate Ave.
WHEN: June 15th, 2016 at 7:00 pm
WHY: Because we must speak up!

Join LDC and allies to voice opposition at the next San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) meeting as the current outgoing chair intends to have the current DCCC members endorse candidates for November elections.  This is in spite of many of them having been replaced with new elected candidates. 

It is highly likely this proposal by the current Chair will be overturned and the newly elected members be rightfully allowed to make the endorsements.  However, in the event that the current committee chooses to move forward with the proposed action, we want to be sure we are ready to voice our opposition to this attempt of a fast-lane endorsement.  With a filing deadline of the night before on June 14th at 8pm, there is no room for a fair and proper vetting of ALL the potential candidates that will be on the November ballot. We cannot allow the current members to continue to circumvent proper process and simply push forward candidates they personally want to endorse. 

THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS MUST PREVAIL; let's make sure this happens!

Should the DCCC choose to respect San Francisco’s voters wishes and allow the incoming elected members to properly endorse candidates for the November ballot, LDC will continue with our 6:00 pm Meet & Greet.


Join us for a Meet -n- Greet event with our early endorsed candidates as well as a honor the outgoing DCCC members who have been great allies and wish all others a farewell.  Afterwards we will walk over to the DCCC Meeting.

NOTE:  We will conduct one measure of business.  The Board of LDC recommends we officially endorse Supervisor Eric Mar's  proposed  charter amendment for the November ballot that would allow all San Francisco residents who are parents, legal guardians or caregivers of students 18 years old and younger who are enrolled in San Francisco public schools to vote in local school board elections.  The proposal can be viewed here.  To be eligible to vote you must be a member in good standing. Good standing means membership dues have been paid and you have attended a minimum of three (3) General Membership or Committee meetings in the immediately preceding twelve (12) months.  If you have any questions abut your eligibility, email [email protected]

WHERE: Emperor Norton's Boozeland, 510 Larkin St.
WHEN: June 15th, 2016 at 6:00 pm
WHY: Because we care!