ACTION: the Mission Takes City Hall Part 2 -Tues, June 2

the Mission Takes City Hall Part 2 :: Supervisors Vote on Luxury Moratorium :: #SaveTheMission

1:30 Rally Polk Street Steps City Hall
3:00 Speak out at Board of Supervisors Hearing

Public Hearing and Vote by the full Board of Supervisors on Luxury Housing Moratorium in the Mission.

The public will have an opportunity to speak before the entire Board of Supervisors who will then vote on the Moratorium urgency ordinance at this meeting.

The hearing on this item starts at 3:00pm. 

If you can't get to City Hall until after 5:00 that's OK because public comment will likely last for a few hours. Just be sure to enter through the Polk St entrance (the Van Ness entrance closes at 5pm) and get your speaker card in to the clerk so you can get your name in line to be able to speak.

This temporary moratorium would allow time for a community-based plan for truly affordable housing.

Luxury housing accounts for 93% of the housing being built in the Mission. The SF Planning department has determined that only 13 sites remain in the Mission for the development of affordable housing. The very limited property left in the Mission must be prioritized for affordable housing, not luxury condos unaffordable to the majority of San Franciscans.

And if you haven't yet, sign the petition: